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Serendipity Beauty and Skin Horoscope


We’re here to share what we know — but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider if you have questions.

It’s 2022. When preparing for the future, many look to ancient wisdom for answers. But we know what you’re thinking… 


Both religious and non-religious people read their horoscopes. It’s human nature to identify with your sun sign! And these days, New Age practices like astrology and tarot are as popular as ever. 



Serendipity Beauty and Skin Horoscope


The best skincare routine is one that’s true to you


Fire signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are signs known for their blazing personalities. Making heads turn is just what comes natural to you! When a fire sign learns how to share the spotlight, the whole world glows. 


Skincare tips for fire signs

In traditional Chinese medicine, the fire element is associated with sweat. Sweat itself isn’t bad for skin. But skin inflammation, sunburn, and increased oil production can happen when the heat is on. For Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius placements, you might consider these products: 

Vitamin C Brightening Serum—fortify your skin against sun damage by layering a vitamin C serum with your SPF. 


March 21-April 19


Aries: in 2022, your inner strength will radiate. This year, you’ll face challenges that make you rethink your values. Something big will happen this summer—whether it’s love or your career, it won’t just be a fling. 


Quick skin tip for Aries: Chapped lips? Use a moisturizing lip balm to stop the burn. 


Key dates for Aries in 2022: 

May 2—Venus in Aries = luck in love

May 24—Mars in Aries = success in self

October 9—Moon in Aries = strength in resolving conflicts



July 23-August 22


Leos are ruled by the sun. In 2022, you’ll have lots in your orbit—for better or worse. Be wary of the intentions of strangers posing as friends. The summer will be an ideal times for you to reinvent yourself, start a new career, or take a spur-of-the-moment trip. 


Quick skin tip for Leo: For a sun-kissed look without the skin damage, try a non-comedogenic sunless tanner. 


Key dates for Leo in 2022: 

July 19—Mercury in Leo = strength in communication

July 23—Ceres in Leo = strength in family

August 11—Venus in Leo = luck in love


November 22-December 21


Sagittarius is ruled by Chiron: half-human, half-horse, and all good aim. In 2022, you’ll have to zero in on what you really want. The new year will bring an offer you can’t refuse. You may have to choose between your love life and your career. Stay as focused as an arrow and you’ll hit the bullseye.  


Quick skin tip for Sagittarius: Ground your skincare routine with a minimalist approach.


Key dates for Sagittarius in 2022: 

June 14—Moon in Sagittarius = strength in creativity

November 16—Venus in Sagittarius = luck in love

November 17—Mercury in Sagittarius = strength in communication 


Water signs 

Water signs have an uncanny intuition. A Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio’s strength lies in their ability to feel deeply. Sometimes, heightened sensitivity can feel like a challenge. No matter what obstacles you face, self-compassion will get you through it. 


Skincare tips for water signs

Water, the ocean, and its relationship to the moon are important in many different kinds of mysticism. Water is cool as heck, and it plays a key role in skincare. For Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, we recommend you keep it fun with face masks, double cleansing, and soothing baths.


February 19-March 20


Pisces, you’re represented by twin fish. Keep this symbol of duality in mind as you swim through 2022. This will be a lucky year for you—all your hard work is about to pay off! The challenge? Owning it. Do what makes you feel confident. 


Quick skin tip for Pisces: When your body needs some extra love, nourish it with a body butter.


Key dates for Pisces in 2022: 

April 20—Juno in Pisces = balance in relationships

October 28—Jupiter retrograde in Pisces = strength in spirituality

September 10—Full moon in Pisces = strength in self-control


June 22-July 22


Cancers are ruled by two forces: the moon and their own emotions. For you, 2022 will be a year that tests self-control. Becoming a creature of habit in your daily routine takes practice and discipline. Raise the bar and rise to meet it. 


Quick skin tip for Cancer: It’s true in both skincare and life—when you feel stuck, stick to the basics. 


Key dates for Cancer in 2022: 

May 15—Ceres in Cancer = strength in home

June 28—New moon in Cancer = strength in self 

September 6—Pallas enters Cancer = self-awareness and learning




October 23-November 21


Scorpio: you’ve had a lot of time to think. Your strength is that you know exactly who you are. In 2022, don’t be afraid to say “no.” Worry less about what others think. Focus on what you can control and watch how everything else seems to fall into place. 


Quick skin tip for Scorpio: Add a hydrating face mist to your skincare travel bag to stay in your element when on-the-go.


Key dates for Scorpio in 2022: 

May 16—Full lunar eclipse in Scorpio = chance for a major revelation

October 23—Venus in Scorpio = luck in love

October 29—Mercury in Scorpio = strength in communication


Earth signs

Earth signs are known to be solid as bedrock. A Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn thrives on stability and routine. Some may mistake you for stubborn, but you know what they don’t: consistency is key. 


Skincare tips for earth signs

Are you, perchance, prone to dry skin? For centuries, alchemists have associated the earth element with dryness. Sound oddly specific? We agree! Our best advice for earth signs: a  minimalist approach to skincare may suit your grounded personality. If you’re a Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, you may love these down-to-earth skin staples: 


Mount Lai Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool—a gua sha stone uses an ancient facial massage technique that’s great for relaxation and stress release.



April 20-May 20


Taurus, the bull, is one of the world’s oldest astrological signs. That’s in line with your reputation for having an unchangeable nature. In 2022, circumstances will undermine traditions. This will lead to much personal growth. Not every change will feel comfortable—welcome it anyway. 


Quick skin tip for Taurus: Did a new active ingredient make you break out? It might be purging—a sign it’s actually working!  


Key dates for Taurus in 2022: 

January 18—north node retrograde in Taurus = challenges to long-term goals 

May 22—Mercury retrograde in Taurus = challenges to self-awareness or learning

July 5—Mars in Taurus = strength in commitments


August 23-September 22


Your words and actions always align—and in 2022, you’ll reap the benefits of your good nature. Many Virgos have a reputation of being level-headed. That said? Don’t forget to let loose a little. Now is the time to surrender to your intuition. No matter what: trust your gut. 


Quick skin tip for Virgo: Keep it fun and flirty (without the breakouts) with a non-comedogenic liquid blush. 


Key dates for Virgo in 2022: 

March 19—Full moon in Virgo = strength in intuition

August 27—New moon in Virgo = ideal time to set new goals

September 5—Venus in Virgo = luck in love 




December 22-January 19


Ambition is what comes naturally to you, Capricorn. Let self-control give way to practicality. Early 2022’s Venus in retrograde will force you to re-examine your love life. Now is not the time to settle. Be realistic in your expectations and you’ll be unstoppable.  


Quick skin tip for Capricorn: when hormones flare, so can your acne. Help prevent hormonal acne with these tips. 


Key dates for Capricorn in 2022: 

January 25—Mercury retrograde in Capricorn = challenges with communication

July 13—Full moon in Capricorn = strength in self

December 9—Venus in Capricorn = luck in love


Air signs

If you’re an Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra, you’re likely blessed with profound intellect—and you know how to use it. Air signs are the brainiacs of the zodiac signs. Your first impressions of others tend to be accurate, and this helps you make true friends easily. 


Skincare tips for air signs

In Tibetan Buddhism, the air element is associated with breath and wind. We’re big fans of deep breathing exercises, but don’t count on them to clear your skin! Likewise: no need to try every skincare product all at once. Cultivate patience with a solid skincare routine and it will pay off. For Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra, you might want to try these skincare staples:




January 20-February 19


Aquarius, trusty water-bringer: for you, 2022 will be all about slowing down. Now is the time to interrogate your self-care rituals. What do your actions serve? It’s okay to hesitate. It just means you’re taking time to think. 


Quick skin tip for Aquarius: Stress pimple? Just keep calm and slap on a spot patch. 


Key dates for Aquarius in 2022: 

February 1—New moon and Juno in Aquarius = opportunity for personal growth

March 2-—Vesta in Aquarius = strength in setting boundaries

August 21—Vesta retrograde in Aquarius = challenges to long-term goals




May 21-June 20


“It’s okay to be a little messy.” That’s gonna be your 2022 mantra, Gemini. And it’s true! Let a little chaos shake things up. You’re down-to-earth, so it may not always feel comfortable. More variety will force you to grow. Growing’s never easy, but it’s always worth it. 


Quick skin tip for Gemini: Try some tasty seasonal fruits and veggies that are packed with antioxidants (which can help skin). 


Key dates for Gemini in 2022: 

February 8—Ceres in Gemini = challenges in communication

June 22—Venus in Gemini = strength in love

August 20—Mars in Gemini = strength in intellect and sensuality




September 22-October 23


Libra, you’re known for having that “it” factor. In 2022, you’ll want to raise the bar even higher. Career, health, and love will demand lots of time and attention. Our advice? Hold the world to the same high standard you hold to yourself. You’re in demand—treat yourself preciously.


Quick skin tip for Libra: Be picky with your products—check your ingredients before using new makeup and skincare. 


Key dates for Libra in 2022: 

April 6—Full moon in Libra = strength in self

September 29—Venus in Libra = strength in love

December 18—Ceres in Libra = opportunity to build inner strength


Does your horoscope actually impact your skin?

According to astrology, the time and position of the stars determines your personality. A snapshot of the constellations relative to your birth can feel like a window into your soul. There’s no one just like you—and some believe that the stars prove it. 

It’s healthy to be skeptical, especially when it comes to your skin. Your skin is constantly growing and changing with you.

Caring for your skin is caring for yourself!


Create a skincare routine as unique as you are

At  Serendipity, we believe skincare should be simple and intuitive. We back up our claims with research and only use proven ingredients. 

Get your personalized skincare routine with Serendipity.

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