Almond Honey Scrub

Made With Natural Pure Honey & Almonds, The Almond Honey Scrub Encourages Cell Renewal & Promotes A Radiant Skin Tone By Detoxifying & Exfoliating.

Active Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser & Mask

Deep Cleans The Skin To Help Remove Dirt, Oil, Makeup Residue, & Contaminants From The Pores.

Active Cleansing Gel

Active Cleansing Gel With AHA & BHA Is A Deep Cleansing (Oil Free) Formula That Thoroughly Removes Excess Oil, Surface Impurities & Makeup. It Helps To Exfoliate The Dead Cells Thanks To Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids, & Natural Enzymes. Active Cleansing Gel Is Recommended For Normal-To-Oily, Oily, & Problem Skin Types. 

Gentle Cleansing Gel

Gentle Cleansing Gel Is Specially Formulated For Normal To Dry & Sensitive Skin. It Cleans The Face Thoroughly While Moisturizing With Natural Botanical Extracts.


Aloe Cucumber Astringent

Aloe-Cucumber Astringent (Alcohol-Free) Helps To Tighten Pores, Smooth The Appearance Of The Skin, & Gives It A Finer, Softer Texture. Herbal Extracts And Soothing Aloe Calm Possible Irritations. It Is Recommended For Dry And Sensitive Skin.

Menthol Astringent

Menthol Astringent Is An Effective Astringent & Toner For Normal To Oily, & Combination Skin. It Helps To Fight Bacteria. Highly Recommended For Skin Having Partial Oiliness, And A Tendency To Break Out.

Aloe Cucumber Astringent

Herbal Extracts Soothe & Calm Irritations.  Recommended For Dry & Sensitive Skin.  Aloe-Cucumber Astringent (Alcohol-Free) Helps To Tighten Pores, Smooth The Appearance Of The Skin, & Gives It A Finer, Softer Texture.

Ginseng Astringent Toner

 Helps To Tone & Firm The Skin, Tighten The Pores,  & Smooth The Appearance Of The Skin, To Give It Finer, Softer Texture.  

Treatment Creams

Collagen Elastin Cream 

Collagen-Elastin Cream Is A High Quality Emollient & Nourishing Treatment Cream, Which Can Be Used As A Day (Under Makeup) & Night Cream For Normal, Combination & Dry Skin. Contains A Blend Of Fine Oils, Natural Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Carrot Oil, Chlorophyll, & Botanical Extracts. Soothes & Softens The Skin, Helps To Improve Firmness & Elasticity.

Glycolic Treatment Cream

This Is A Medium Strength Restorative & Rectifying Treatment Cream With Glycolic Acid & Sodium Glycolate (10%), & Retinyl Palmitate. Recommended For All Types Of Non-Sensitive Skin Beginning To Show Signs Of Aging.

Revitalizing Cream

This Regenerating, Calming Day & Night Cream Is Recommended For Normal To Dry & Irritated Skin. Live Yeast Cell Derivative Has Shown To Posses Soothing & Anti-Inflammatory Properties As Well As The Ability To Help Increase Oxygen Utilization By The Skin. Combination Of Ginkgo Biloba Blend & Super Oxide Dismutase Assists Free Radical Scavenging, Helping To Offset The Damage That Leads To Premature Aging

Fading Cream

Combines The Superior Brightening Properties Of Niacinamide, Daisy Flower Extract, & Alpha-Arbutin to Lighten Sun Spots, Age Spots, Freckles, & Pigmented Scars.

Azulene Day Cream

An Under Makeup Base Cream For All Skin Types. Azulen Is Prized For Its Skin Balancing, Calming, Anti-Inflammatory, & And Anti-Bacterial Properties 

Ultra Light Seaweed Cream

Seaweed Day Cream (Ultra-Light) Is A Very Light, Yet Highly Beneficial, Moisturizing Day Cream Is Recommended For Normal To Oily, Blemished, & Problem Skin. It Contains A Complex Of Marine Extracts That Offer Natural Minerals & Vitamins. This Synergy Of Marine Extracts Includes Spirulina, Algae, Fucus, Green Laminaria, & Is Very Rich In Trace Elements. The Ultra Light Seaweed Day Cream Helps To Improve Oxygenation. It Also Detoxifies, Stimulates, & Hydrates The Skin


A Unique Delicate Under Eye Micro-Emulsion With Multi-Vitamins & Peptides. The Effective Encapsulated Extracts & Vitamins In This Silky Micro-Emulsion Help To Calm, Tone & Brighten The Tired Looking Delicate Tissue Under The Eye Area.

Vital Silk

An Ultra-Silky, Multi-Vitamin, & Antioxidant Packed Brightening & Anti Aging Serum Concentrate That Is A Perfect Makeup Primer. Vital Silk Provides A Smooth And Even Finish While Helping To Promote Skin Tone



Natural Beta Glucans Effectively Increase Skin Moisture, Inhibit Irritation, Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Minimizes Age Spots, Sun Damage, & Large Pores

Vitamin C Serum

Nutrient Rich Amino Acid Complex Helps To Restore Tone, Vitality & Vigor To Dull Lifeless Skin & Reduce The Visible Signs Of Aging

Blemish Control Gel

Blemish Control Gel Helps Address Blackheads, Breakouts, & Large Pores, Especially In The T-Zone (Forehead, Nose, & Chin Areas). Blemish Control Gel Reduces Shine, Absorbs Moisture & Perspiration, Providing A Long Lasting Smooth & Non Greasy Matte Finish. Encapsulated Tea Tree Oil Combines Anti-Microbial, & Anti-Inflammatory Activities, While Micro-Sponge Technology Helps To Absorb Excess Oil & Assists With Time Released Delivery Of Multi-Hydroxy Acids For Gentle Exfoliation.

Calming Serum

 Helps To Relieve Itching, Reduce Redness & Improve The Quality Of The Skin's Barrier Function. Effective Botanical Actives Help To Interrupt Inflammatory Triggers That Lead To

Sensitization, While Minimizing Discomfort, Burning & Itching. Contains Efficacious Active Ingredients With Strong Studies Support. Relieves & Soothes While Reducing Future Flare-Ups. May Offer Relief To People Suffering From Rosacea-Prone Skin.

Fading Gel

This Light (Oil-Free) Fading Gel Is Recommended For All Types Of Non-Sensitive Skin. Repeated Use Will Help To Reduce The Appearance Of Dark Spots & Discolorations. Use Of Sun Protection Is Required To Achieve Desired Results. A Subtle Darkening, Over Time, Of The Color Of The Gel Is A Normal Characteristic Of The Product.

Skin Refining Concentrate

Skin Refining Concentrate Is An Advanced & Powerful Complex Of Vitamins (A,C,E), Natural Algae, Yeast Extract, Herbal Extracts, & Exclusive Acid-Free Marine Technology Gently Enhances Skin’s Own Shedding Cycle To Help Visibly Improve Texture, Reduce Pore Size, Calm Irritation, & Soften Fine Lines. It Helps To Achieve A More Even Skin Tone, To Calm Over-Reactive Skin, & Protect It From Future Damage.

Vital Silk

Vital Silk Is An Exclusive Multi-Vitamin Facial Treatment. It Contains An Essential Amount Of Vitamin C, Just The Right Concentration Of Vitamins A and E, Also Beneficial Minerals, & Extra Pure Essential Oils. Vital Silk Helps The Skin Regain Tone, Moisture, Silkiness & Radiance. It Provides A Smoothing, Antioxidant, Brightening & Protective Treatment For All Types Of Non-Sensitive Environmentally Damaged Skin Starting To Show Signs Of Aging. When Used Prior To Makeup, It Helps To Form A Breathable Moisture Seal & Helps To Achieve A Smooth And Even Application Of Makeup.


HA+Collagen Anti-Age Serum Is A Highly Concentrated Anti-Aging, Moisture Binding & Skin Repairing Facial Treatment Contains Hyaluronic Acid Microsphere Sponge Technology To Help Re-Plump & “Fill In” Wrinkles. Pure Marine Collagen Effectively Helps To Diminish Wrinkles & Age Lines While Providing A Skin Tightening & Plumping Effect By Helping To Tighten The Cell Connections. Multi-Peptides Help To Increase Collagen And Elastin Production To Further Reduce And Slow The Formation Of Lines And Wrinkles. Makes Skin Feel Soft, Light, & Velvety. Absorbs Quickly & Leaves A Smooth, Non-Greasy Finish. When Used Prior To Makeup, Helps To Achieve An Even Application. 


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