Facials to Reveal & Rejuvenate

​​100% Pure Collagen Facial (75 min)-                                                                            $190

 Including Alphahydroxy. For all types of skin-- helps maintain water balance in the skin by protecting all the active collagen fibers.

100% Pure 24K Gold Facial (75 min)-                                                                           $245

Gold slows down Collagen depletion and breakdown of Elastin to prevent sagging skin. Cellular growth is stimulated and regenerated providing an instant tightening and firming affect.

100% Pure Caviar Facial(75 min)-                                                                                   $265

 Loaded with protein-rich Caviar and powerful antioxidants, this deluxe facial therapy will give immediate and breathtaking results after just one visit.

Organic Cellular Skin Therapy(75 min)-                                                               $250

New cell growth is encouraged by organic nutrients, oxygenation by Iontophoresis. Immediate results for all skin types.

Hydra Facial (75 min)-                                                                                                                    $240

Ultrasonic technology uses water to gently deep cleanse pores and exfoliate skin. Includes Alphahydroxy followed by lifting and hydrating mask and serums.

Ultimate Cell Renewal Facial(75 min)-                                                                  $220

The ultimate in anti-aging. Alphahydroxy facial combined with Dermaplaning and a collagen mask, Leaves skin petal soft and rejuvenated.  

​Facials to Regenerate and Repair

With even the most beautiful complexions begining to age as young as 18, Facials may be more of a necessity.  With the Florida weather, Facials are recommended treatments to help normalize the skin and maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. Healthy skin under the age of 25 that just wants to maintain their good skin tone needs treatments every 6-9 weeks. Dry, uncared for, excessively oily, aging, or skin abused by pollution will need treatments as often as once a week until normalized.

Skin Tightening Facial(90 min)-                                                           $250

Thermal radio frequency treatment combines with a supercharged antioxidant facial to stimulate collagen remodeling and tighten skin

Face-Lifting Therapy(75 min)-                                                                                           $250

State of the art non-surgical face lift restructure facial tissues and muscles. A favorite treatment among many famous celebrities. 

Microdermabrasion (75 min)-                                                                                             $200 & up

Diamond gently removes top layers of dead skin to ensure full penetration of mask, serum and moisture treatment.  

Facials to Relax and Restore

State of the Art Facials 

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​Oxygen Facial (60 min)-                                                                                              $150

 Immediate reduction in fine lines while increasing Collagen. Excellent for skin damaged by tobacco, coffee, or the sun.

Rejuvenation Facial (60 min)-                                                                              $140

 Full facial from chest upward, includes skin analysis, toning, massaging, streaming, removal of impurities, mask, and moisturizing.

Azulene Facial(60 min)-                                                                                                 $140                    

 For sensitive and courperose skin types. Calms, soothes, and reduces redness.

Sea Herb Facial (60 min)-                                                                                              $180   

 Seaweed facial followed by a soothing massage with rich vitamin C serum, minerals, and proteins.

Lemon Sugar Facial (60 min)-                                                                                  $150

 Organic sugar and lemon-based exfoliants gently buff excess surface cells revealing improved texture and clarity.

Aromatherapy Facial (60 min)-                                                           $160

 Deep-cleansing aromatherapy using herbal essential oils leaving skin extremely nourished.

Blemish Control Facial (60 min)-                                                                           $140

 Deep cleanses pores and disinfects very oily and blemished skin types for clearer skin.

Purifying Mint and Bamboo Facial(60 min)-                                       $140

Recommended for combination to oily skin types, leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed.

Hydrating Herbal Facial (60 min)-                                                                        $140

Soothing aloe and herbal extracts hydrate and calm skin. Ideal for sun exposed, sensitive, and dehydrated skin types.